knit-along (or just chat) with me. . . . 

This site's bulletin boards are a forum for chatting about books (mine or others), life, and whatever topics YOU guys throw out there. Most fun of all, we can use the boards to knit together. Call it a virtual stitch 'n bitch. Here’s how it works.

We all get together here

We all knit from the same pattern. To give plenty of people a chance to jump on board, each pattern will stay in rotation for two months. We’ll start with a pattern from "Chicks with Sticks," but after that? I’m open to any and all suggestions. If you have a pattern you’d like to pitch to the knit-along—be it a free pattern you’ve found online or one you’ve written and would like to donate to the cause—please send me a note at .

As you knit your project, get on the comments board and start scribbling. This is the fun part. Together, we’ll commiserate when the shaping gets tough. We’ll sing the praises of those who have bound off and blocked. We’ll encourage the ones still laboring to break often for chocolaty sustenance. And most of all, we’ll post photos of our Works in Progress and our finished knitty items. The only thing we will not do is dis each other’s work or each other. Anybody being rude or unkind will unfortunately be blocked from the knit-along.

Game? Let’s get our knit on. And if you're not a knitter yet, hop on the boards simply to say hi or chat about another topic. Sign up here.

Project #1: The Chicks with Sticks Aromatic Eye Pillow. (Page 253)


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