These are a few of my favorite links. . . .


I go by Professor Nana’s recs when I want to pad my “What to read list.”
In this online network, women writers support each other’s work via their blogs. Love them!
Meg Cabot’s blog is almost as hilarious as The Princess Diaries.
Like MTV, but for books!
Not only are Dessen’s novels brilliant, but her blog is a daily dose of sunshine. Guaranteed cheer.
Lots of juicy books, lots of pink. What’s not to love?
Even novelist Lara M. Zeises’ most random thoughts are always spot on. She’s cool.
Joshilyn Jackson is scary-talented. Her novel, Gods in Alabama, has an oft-quoted classic first line. And her “near-daily ramblings” are so funny, they will make you spew your sweet iced tea all over your computer screen on a regular basis.
Laurie Halse Anderson is a superstar (who wrote Speak) yet she’s incredibly grounded and funny. I’ve learned a lot about writing from her blog.
John Green wrote the devastating Looking for Alaska. He and I also have the same stellar editor at Dutton Books.
This fabulously ghastly series of middle-grade books was created by my friends at Star Farm Productions. Even if you’re beyond your tween years, the site and books are too fun. Check ’em out. 


Bonne Marie Burns is clever as all get out and a brilliant knitter/pattern writer. She also hails from the Chicks’ home town of Chicago.
I like blogs about knitting and I like blogs about food. This blog is about knitting and food, so this blog, I love.
Wendy posts daily cat photos, lots of yarn close-ups, and notes from the spinning wheel.
Written by my dear friend, Patti—dry-witted ruminations about knitting, life, and how they try to balance out.
It’s like a fibrous Jane magazine. Hip and urban with seasonal doses of cool free patterns.
This one’s sort of like a fibrous Target. It has everything a knitter could desire.
Not only does this crafty maven have a fun, fun site herself, she’s a gateway to gazillions of other fun, fun sites
I just love Carrie. She’s a hip knitter, an American Idol vet, and she writes with a Southern accent (you can just hear it). Follow her lead to some very cool patterns.
The two women behind this swanky blog are brilliant writers who’ve invented fabulous alter egos, not to mention some free knitting patterns! If you’re under 21, please abstain from the Knitting Cocktails. (Feel free to read ’em though. They are hic-larious.)

Random fun…

How can you not like muffins?
Also by cartoon-goddess Amy Winfrey. I have a Charlotte T-shirt!
Yes, I indulge in occasional celebrity gossip. I like the way Dana dishes it.
I’m obsessed with this singer-songwriter at the moment. He plays the violin and whistles! Swoon.
Of the many quirky shows I love on NPR, this is my all-time favorite. I laugh out loud or get weepy at least once per show. You can download eps at the website.
Whether you love to bake (like me) or you’re just a sweet fiend, this baker/blogger’s sugar-laced trail around NYC gives one a satisfying, vicarious toothache.


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