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"Even I, Miss UnCrafty, couldn't put down this book . . . mainly because of the funny, sarcastic main character, Scottie. . . . I have never in my life wanted to learn to knit--but I do now! Chicks with Sticks reminded me of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but in this book, the girls don’t need magical pants to get what they want . . . they make their OWN magic! I can’t recommend this fun read enough. I know you’re going to love it.”
       – Meg Cabot, author of The Princess Diaries series and How to Be Popular

“Cute, funny, and entertaining from a knitter’s—or any teen’s—point of view.”
       – Jennifer Wenger-Turchen, author of Teen Knitting Club and owner of Jennifer Knits, Los Angeles

“Elizabeth Lenhard has created a family of characters as warm as a pair of hand-knit chunky mittens. I’d knit with them any day.”
– Amy R. Singer, Editor of Knitty.com and author of Knit Wit

Chicks with Sticks (It’s a purl thing)
Everything in Scottie’s life is changing.  Her former best friend, trust-fund princess Amanda, is just that – her former best friend – and her mom has become an It girl in Chicago’s art world.  Meanwhile, Scottie just wants to blend in.
Then she discovers knitting, and it’s as if she’s been thrown a cashmerino lifeline.  Soon Scottie and Amanda – along with new friends Bella and Tay – find themselves hanging at their local yarn store, a magical place called KnitWit, bound together by a yen for yarn and a hunger for friendship.  Their stitches and their relationships become so intertwined that it’s hard to remember which came first: the girls or the purls.
Chicks With Sticks is not just for crafty types (through it does include several knitting patterns and projects).  It’s for anyone who’s ever found friends in the most unlikely place – or wanted to.  Sometimes you just need some string and sticks – with some full-fat hot chocolate on the side – to get you there

Chicks with Sticks (Knit two together)

Scottie, Tay, Amanda, and Bella—an angsty artist’s daughter, an indie tomboy, a trust-fund princess, and a new age yoga goddess. Their friendship defies the odds, yet last year, fate (and a whole lot of yarn) bound them together. As the Chicks with Sticks, they survived Tay’s broken heart, Bella’s descent into knitting obsession, Amanda’s learning disability, and Scottie’s clinginess. They even rose above the closing of their beloved LYS and the loss of their knitting guru, Alice. After all that drama and trauma together, they’re as solid as a fisherman’s sweater.

Or are they? As the Chicks begin their second year together, their tight circle faces its biggest challenge yet: Boys.

For teens juggling the works-in-progress that are friendship, first love, and surviving high school—knitting all the while—here’s another warm, cozy read, complete with four all-new projects.

Read an excerpt from Chicks with Sticks (Knit two together)

Chicks with Sticks (KnitWise)

For Scottie, Amanda, Bella, and Tay, life in Chicago is all about seeking shelter. They’ve found it in their firelit stitch ’n bitch at Joe; in the halls of their quirky private school; in the arms of boyfriends--and always in the comfort of the friendship that bonds them together.

But now the Chicks are staring down the end of high school and it's time to contemplate life beyond the protective web of their knitty ensemble. Will the stresses of college applications and service projects, debutante balls and long-distance loves, mean the end of the Chicks? Or can this unlikely foursome bind-off the happy ending that only true friendship can craft?

The end is only the beginning for the Chicks, who return with their trademark wit and warmth along with four fabulous new projects

Read an excerpt from Chicks with Sticks (Knitwise)


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